The "Casa da Torre"

Casa da Torre is an example of the Minho Region typical splendour.

The property of a peculiar design, all constructed in granite it's a reference item in several books and articles about the built up patrimony of this region, and in this building is involved a whole patrimonial and family history.

Its origins remote back to the medieval age, being later reconstructed in the 18th century.
Remaining in the same family to several generations, the present hosts are a young couple, Teresa and Miguel, the previous owner's grandchildren.

With time it has suffered several restoration interventions to obtain more comfort, well-being and modernity, however always preserving the house's original architectonic traces and beauty.

Located in a stunning place, where the Minho fields exhibit their green preciousness, in there are implanted the porch and the threshing floor, which long ago were used to dry cereal and also a big and gorgeous granary, where the same cereal, mainly maize, were then stored.

Abadim, é uma terra de gente afável, alegre, de grande simplicidade e hospitaleira, grande parte desta comunidade vive da agricultura e pastoricia exercida de uma forma ainda bastante rudimentar, pelo que com grande regularidade se pode observar vacas e cabras a pastar em campos vizinhos.

Distanced 3 km from Casa da Torre and yet, in Abadim surroundings many water mills may be visited, which construction was order by D. Diniz, once Portugal's King. These water mills are called "Moinhos de Rei" and they are all over a vast area with the same name.

Still in "Moinhos de Rei " there is the watercourse " Levada de Vibora" all flanked in stone, where the water flows in a light crystalline way through a few kms. With no doubt a pleasant walk is to attend this course on foot; the small "Oural" dam provides refreshing baths and finally a picnic, taking advantage of the available equipment in the area such as the grills, the wooden tables and benches, the drinking fountains, all shaded by lots of trees are lovely suggestions … always communing with Mother Nature.